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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Below are list of Islamic supplications, Invocations, and Dua's

Below are list of Islamic supplications, Invocations, and Dua's.

Note: All supplications are better said in the arabic language so it is advised to memorize the original arabic text and also to know it's meaning, for this reason the english translation of all the supplications have also been provided.
For those who don't understand the arabic language, please visit our page on learning arabic

May Allah ease all our affairs.

1   Supplications for when you wake up
2   Invocation when getting dressed
3   Invocation when putting on new clothes
4   Invocations for someone who has put on new clothes
5   What to say when undressing
6   Invocation for entering the restroom
7   Invocation for leaving the restroom (bathroom/toilet)
8   What to say before performing ablution
9  What to say upon completing ablution
10   What to say when leaving the home
11   What to say when entering the home
12   Invocation for going to the mosque
13   Invocation for entering the mosque
14   Invocation for leaving the mosque
15   What to say upon hearing the al`adhaan (call to prayer)
16   Invocations for the beginning of the prayer (after the first Takbir)
17   Invocations during Rukuu' (bowing in prayer)
18   Invocations for rising from the Ruku'
19   Invocations during Sujuud (prostrating in prayers)
20   Invocations for sitting between two prostrations (in prayers)
21   Supplications for prostrations due to recitation of the Quran
22   Invocation for At-Tashahhud while sitting in prayer
23   How to recite blessings on the Prophet after the Tashahhud
24   Invocations after the final Tashahhud and before ending the prayer
25   What to say after completing the prayer
26   Istikharah (seeking Allah’s Counsel)
27   Words of remembrance for morning and evening
28   What to say before sleeping
29   Invocation to say if you stir during sleep in the night
30   What to say if you are afraid to go to sleep or feel lonely and depressed
31   What to do if you have a bad dream or nightmare
32   Invocations of the Qunuut (after the last Rukuu') of the Witr prayer
33   Invocations Immediately after salaam of the Witr prayer
34   Invocations in times of worry and grief
35   Invocations for anguish
36   Invocations for when you meet an adversary or a powerful ruler
37   Invocations against the oppression of rulers
38   Invocation against an enemy
39   What to say if you fear people may harm you
40   Invocations for if you are stricken by in your faith
41   Invocations for the settling of a debt
42   Invocation against the distractions of Satan during the prayer and recitation of the Qur'an
43   Invocation for when you find something becoming difficult for you
44   What to say and do if you commit a sin
45   Invocations against the Devil and his prompting (whisperings)
46   Invocation for when something you dislike happens, or for when you fail to achieve what you attempt to do
47   Congratulations for new parents and how they should respond
48   How to seek Allah's protection for children
49   Invocations for visiting the sick
50   The reward for visiting the sick
51   Invocations of the terminally ill
52   What to encourage the dying person to say
53   Invocation for when tragedy strikes
54   Invocation for closing the eyes of the dead
55   Invocations for the dead in the Funeral prayer
56   Invocations for a child in the Funeral prayer
57   Invocation for the bereaved
58   Invocation to be recited when placing the dead in his grave
59   Invocation to be recited after burying the dead
60   Invocation for visiting the graves
61   Invocations for when the wind blows
62   Invocation for when it thunders
63   Some invocations for rain
64   Invocation for when it rains
65   Supplication after it rains
66   Invocation for the withholding of the rain
67   Invocation for sighting the new moon
68   Invocations for breaking the fast
69   Invocations before eating
70   Invocations after eating
71   A dinner guest's invocation for his host
72   Invocation for someone who gives you drink or offers it to you
73   Invocation for a family who invites you to break your fast with them
74   Invocation for someone who offers you food when you are fasting, which you decline
75   What to say when you are fasting and someone is rude to you
76   Invocation for when you see the first dates of the season
77   Invocation for sneezing
78   What to say to the disbeliever if he sneezes and praises Allah
79   Invocation for the groom
80   The groom's invocation and what he says upon purchasing an animal
81   Invocation to be recited before intercourse
82   Invocation for anger (Against anger)
83   What to say if you see someone afflicted by misfortune
84   What to say while sitting in an assembly
85   The Expiation of Assembly - Kaffaratul-Majlis
86   Invocation for someone who says: "May Allah forgive you"
87   Invocation for someone who does good to you
88   Invocation for Allah's protection from the False Messiah
89   Invocation for someone who tells you: "I love you for the sake of Allah"
90   Invocation for someone who offers you a share of his wealth
91   Invocation (upon receipt of the loan) for someone who lends you money
92   Invocation for fear of Shirk (attributing any partner with Allah in worship)
93   Invocation for someone who tells you:  "May Allah bless you"
94   Invocation against evil portent
95   Invocation for riding in a vehicle, bicycle, plane,an animal,or other forms of transportation
96   Invocation for traveling
97   Invocation for entering a town or city
98  Invocation for entering a market
99   Invocation for when your vehicle or mount begins to fail
100   The traveler's invocation for the one he leaves behind
101   The resident's invocations for the traveler
102   Glorifying and magnifying Allah on the journey
103   The traveler's invocation at dawn
104   Invocation for a layover (stopping along the way) on the journey
105   What to say upon returning from a journey
106   What to say if something happens to please you or to displease you
107   The excellence of asking for Allah's blessings upon the Prophet (SAW)
108   Spreading the greetings of islam (As-salaam 'alaykum)
109   How to reply to a disbeliever if he says Salam to you
110   Invocation upon hearing the cock's crow or the bray of a donkey
111   Invocation upon hearing a dog barking in the night
112   Invocation for someone you have spoken ill to
113   How a Muslim should praise another Muslim
114   What a Muslim should say when he is praised
115  The pilgrim's announcement of his arrival for Hajj or 'Umra
116   Saying Allahu 'Akbar when passing the Black Stone
117   Invocation to be recited between the Yemenite Corner and the Black Stone
118   Invocation to be recited while standing at Safa and Marwah
119   Invocation to be recited on the Day of Arafat
120   Supplication to be recited at the sacred area of Muzdalifah
121   Saying Allahu 'Akbar while stoning the three pillars at Mina
122   What to say when surprised or startled
123   What to say when something that pleases you happens
124   What to say when you feel a pain in your body
125   What to say when you fear you may afflict someone or something with the evil eye
126   What to say when you feel frightened
127   What to say when slaughtering or sacrificing an animal
128   What to say to foil the devil's plots
129   Repentance and seeking forgiveness
130   The excellence of remembering Allah
131   How the Prophet (SAW) performed Tasbeeh (i.e. glorified Allah)
132   Types of goodness and good etiquette for community life

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