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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Karamat (Miracles) experienced by Of some of  the Salaf (pious predecessors)

Abu Bakr
Once Hadhrat Abu Bakr radiyAllaahu unhu was eating with 3 of his guests. Whenever he would lift some food from the utensil, more of that
food would appear from below it. When those present noticed this, he presented the food to Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam, who then fed a large number of people from it.

Hadhrat Khubaib
When Hadhrat Khubaib radiyAllaahu unhu was a prisoner of the kuffaar in Makkah Mukarramah, he was miraculously given grapes at such a time when grapes were not available in Makkah Mukarramah.

Aamir bin Fuhaira
When Aamir bin Fuhaira was martyred, his body miraculously ascended to the sky. The kuffaar could therefore, not find his body. Aamir bin Tufail witnessed the body being lifted up.

Hadhrat Safeenah
Safeenah (ra) narrates: A lion advanced towards me, so I said: O lion, I am the freed slave of Rasulullah sallAllaahu alaybi wa sallam.”
It then lowered its head and advanced To direct me, It would nudge me with its shoulder. This continued until it escorted me out of the jungle, left me on the road and snarled. I understood that it was now going to leave me.

Baraa bin MaaIik
Whenever Baraa bin MaaIik used to entreat Allaah Ta’ala to fulfil some need, Allaah Ta’ala would readily accept his plea. Whenever the Muslims would experience a difficulty on the battlefield, they would ask Baraa to entreat Allaah Tatala to aid them. They would then defeat the enemy. During the incident of Qaadisiyáh; he entreated Allaah Ta’ala to be sufficient for them; and that he be granted Shahaadat. He became a Shaheed on that occasion.

Khalid bin Waleed
Once Hadhrat Khalid bin Waleed radiyAllaahu imhu besieged a fort. The occupants refused to surrender unless he drank poison. He drank it and was unharmed.

Hadhrat Umar radiyaliahu unhu once dispatched an army under the leadership of a person named Saariyah. On one occasion, whilst Hadhrat
Umar radiyAllaahu unhu was delivering the khutbah (in Madinah Munawwarah), he began calling out: O Saariyah, the mountain! 0 Saariyah,
the mountain!” When the messenger of that army returned, he said: 0 Ameerul Mu’mineen, when we engaged the enemy they initially overpowered us. All of a sudden we heard a person calling out: ‘0 Saariyah, the mountain! 0 Saariyah, the mountain!’ We then used the mountain as our rear support, and Allaah Ta’ala caused the enemy to be defeated.”

Usaid bin Hudair (ra)
Once, while Usaid bin Hudair (ra) was seated in his animal-pen reciting [the Quraan], his horse became agitated and began roving around. It did so a second time. but he continued reciting. He says: I then feared that the horse may trample Yahya (his son). I stood up to see what it was that was agitating the horse, and all of a sudden there appeared to be a cloud above
my head, in which were lanterns suspended in the air, for as far as I could see Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam said: They were angels who had come to listen to you. If you had continued
reciting, the people would have seen them in the morning with the naked eye.”

Hadbrat Zunairah
When Hadbrat Zunairah radiyAllaahu anha was persecuted and
tortured because of her Islam, she refused to relinquish the Deen. Because
of the torture, she lost her eyesight. Upon this the mushrikeen retorted:
“Laat and Uzzah (two idols) have snatched her eyesight.” She replied: “By
Allaah, never.” So Allaah Ta’ala restored her eyesight.

Hadhrat A’ala bin Hadhrami
Hadhrat A’ala bin Hadhrami radiyAllaahu unhu was Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam ‘s governor over Bahrain. When he used to make dua he used to exclaim: “0 Allaah, The most knowledgeable One! 0 The Most Forbearing! 0 the Most Lofty! 0 the Most Exalted!” His dua would be accepted. Once when water was not available, he made dua in this manner and his desire was fulfilled. On another occasion he made dua when the Muslims could not cross the sea on their horses.
Thereafter they passed over the water without even the saddles of the horses becoming wet. He also made dua that no one should see his body when he dies. After his burial, they did not find him in his grave.

Umme Aiman
Hadhrat Umme Aiman radiyAllaahu unha migrated without any provisions. She was also fasting. At the time of iftaar she heard a sound above her head. When she raised her head she found a suspended bucket of water. She drank from it until she was quenched. For the rest of her life she never felt thirsty again.

Abu Muslim Khawaani
He and his army walked over the Tigris river, while it, due to it’s rising waters, and was spilling forth debris. He then turned to his companions and asked: “Are any of you missing any item so that I may make dua for it “.One of them replied: “My (horse’s) nosebag is missing”. He said: “Follow me.” He followed him and found the nosebag caught on something.

Abu Muslim Khawaani
Aswad Anasi (the false claimant of prophethood) once asked Abu Musa Khiwaani: “Do you believe I am the rasool of Allaah?”
(na’uthubillah). He replied “I cannot hear”. He (Aswad) then asked:” Do you bear witness that Muhammad sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam is the
Rasool of Allaah.” He replied:” Yes”. Aswad then threw him into a fire and found him standing in the fire performing Salaah while the fire was cool for him.
When Abu Musa radiyAllaahu wihu arrived in Madina Munawwarah after the demise of Rasulullah Sallalahu alayhi wa sallam, Hadhrat Umar made
him sit between him and Abu Bakr radiyAllaahu unhuma, and said: “All praise is due to Allaah Ta’ala who has kept me alive to see such a person from the Ummah of rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam who had experienced that which Hadhrat Ibraheem alayhissalaam had experienced.”
On another occasion his slave girl poisoned his food but it did not harm him.

Abdullah bin Abbaas
Abbaas radiyAllaahu unhu once sent his son Abdullah radiyAllaahu unhu to Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam for some work, but he found Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wasallam busy with a man, so he returned without speaking to him. Abbaas (ra) asked: Did you see the man” He said: “Yes”. Abbaas (ra) said: That was Jibraeel alayhissallaam. He who has seen Jibraeel alayhissalaam will not die until he loses his eyesight and be granted vast knowledge.” It is well known that Abdullah bin Abbaas (ra) became Hibrul Unmmah - a most distinguished Aaalim, even amongst the Sahaabah (ra). During his old age he lost his eyesight. This prediction was thus fulfilled.]

Abu Umaamah
Sahl (ra) said to his son Abu Umaamah (ra): Oh my son, if only you had seen us on the day of Badr, pointing our swords towards the head of a mushrik, and his head would fall from his body before our swords would reach him.”

The Janaazah of Ihn Abbaas (ra) and the Bird
Ibn Abbaas (ra) passed away in Taif. A strange bird, the likeness of which was never seen before, was present at his janazah. It entered his body, but none had seen it coming out. When he was buried, this Aayah was heard at the side of his grave, but none knew who recited it. "Oh the tranquil soul! Return to your Rabb (Lord) in a state of you being pleased with Him and He being pleased with you."

Umar (ra) Vanquishes a Jinn
Ibn Mas’ood (ra) narrates that a Jinn wrestled thrice with Umar (ra), and on each occasion he dropped it. The Jinn then asked: Do you read Aayatul
Kursi? He replied: “Yes”.
The jinn said: Whenever you read it in any home, the Shayaateen will depart with such speed that they will produce a sound like that of one
passing wind from the rear, and they will not return until the morning.

Hamzah bin Amr Al-Aslamee
Hamzah bin Amr Al-Aslamee radiyAllaahu unhu says:
We were once with Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam, We then dispersed into a pitch-dark night. My fingers began to glow, so much that the people gathered around.
Note: Hamzah used to fast abundantly.
Abu Huraira (ra) narrates: Alaa al-Hadrami (ra) once made dua for rain, and it rained in the arid desert. After his death and burial, within a short period his grave was opened, but his body could not be found.
On one occasion, he made Du’a: "O Allaah The Most Knowledgeable! 0 The Most Forbearing! O The Most Lofty”’
The Gulf then, by the permission of Allaah, allowed them to cross over.
They gently trotted over as if on sand. Water did not touch the feet of the camels, nor the knees of the horses. In this way they traversed a distance that normally took a day and night by boat.

Crossing the Tigris River
The Muslim army once crossed over the Tigris River during its flood.
They passed over on the surface of the water. When the Persians saw this, they fled shouting: “The madmen have come!”

Graves like Musk
A person once took a handful of sand from the grave of Sad bin Mu’aaz (ra) and when he opened his hand he suddenly found the soil had become
musk. Upon this Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam said:
SubhaanAllaah! SubhaanAllaah!... . His delight was apparent from His noble countenance.

Wasps Protect the Body of Aasin
Aasim bin Abil Aqlah beseeched Allaah Ta’ala that he should not touch any mushrik nor should any mushrik touch him When he passed away.
Allaah Ta’ala sent a cloud of wasps over his body, which protected him from the mushrikeen. This is why he was also referred to as Hamyuddubur
(the one protected by the wasps).

Umar bin Khattab
Narrated by 'Abdullah bin 'Umar:
I never heard 'Umar saying about something that he thought it would be so-and-so, but he was quite right. Once, while 'Umar was sitting, a handsome man passed by him, 'Umar said, "If I am not wrong, this person is still on his religion of the pre-lslamic period of ignorance or he was their foreteller. Call the man to me." When the man was called to him, he told him of his thought. The man said, "I have never seen such a day on which a Muslim is faced with such an accusation." 'Umar said, "I am determined that you should tell me the truth." He said, "I was a foreteller in the pre-lslamic period of ignorance." Then 'Umar said, "Tell me the most astonishing thing your female Jinn has told you of." He said, "One-day while I was in the market, she came to me scared and said, 'Haven't you seen the Jinns and their despair and they were overthrown after their defeat (and prevented from listening to the news of the heaven) so that they (stopped going to the sky and) kept following camel-riders (i.e. 'Arabs)?" 'Umar said, "He is right." and added, "One day while I was near their idols, there came a man with a calf and slaughtered it as a sacrifice (for the idols).
An (unseen) creature shouted at him, and I have never heard harsher than his voice. He was crying, 'O you bold evil-doer! A matter of success! An eloquent man is saying: None has the right to be worshipped except you (O Allah).' On that the people fled, but I said, 'I shall not go away till I know what is behind this.' Then the cry came again: 'O you bold evil-doer! A matter of success! An  eloquent man is saying: None has the right to be worshipped except Allah.' I then went away and a few days later it was said, "A prophet has appeared."  (Bukhari,Volume 5, Book 58, Number 206)

Sustenance From an Inconceivable Source
Abu Hurairah (ra) narrates: A Sahabi came home to his family and found them in dire need of food. He then went out into the desert. When his wife saw this, she took her hand-mill and placed it on her clay oven. She turned the mill and pleaded: “Oh Allaah! Grant us sustenance.” All of a sudden she found the container to be full. She also found the clay-oven to be full.
I (Abu Hurairah) mentioned this to Rasulullah SallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam who said: “If she did not open the container, the mill would have continued to turn and produce flour until the day of Qiyaamah.”

Hisham bin ‘Aas says:
When we were sent to the emperor of Rome, we proclaimed to him: “La ilaaha illAllaah wAllaahu akbar. When we did so, the chamber (of the emperor) collapsed. And Allaah knows best.

Abu Kurfusah
One of the Sons of Abu Kurfusa (ra) was captured by the Romans. When the time of each Salaah would approach, Abu Kurfusa would climb the wall of the town of Askalaan and call out: 0 so and so! It is the time of Salaah. His son would hear it in Rome a vast distance away.

Khalid bin Waleed (ra)
A man came to Khalid bin Waleed (ra) with a water bag full of wine.
Khalid (ra) said: Oh Allaah, make it honey.
It turned into honey.
According to another narration, a man passed by Khalid (ra) with a water bag full of wine. He asked: What is this. The man replied: Vinegar. Khalid (ra) said: Indeed Allaah has made it into vinegar.
He then found it to be vinegar, whereas it had previously been wine.

A Miracle of Husain (ra)
A man once relieved his call of nature on the grave of Husain (ra), son of Ali (ra). His household was then afflicted with mental derangement,leprosy, white-liver (a disease) and poverty.
Abdul Mali asked Ruhr: Can you inform me what sign occurred on the day Husain (ra) was martyred.
He replied: None of the pebbles of Baitul-Maqdis were lifted, except that blood was found under it.
He also narrates: On that day, no stone in Shaam Syria remained without blood on it.
Both Umme Salmah and Maymoona radiyallaliu unhuma said that they heard the jinns wailing at the death of Husain radiyAllaahu unhu.

A Miracle of Uthmaan
One morning Uthmaan (ra) said: Last night I saw Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam in my dream, and he said: Oh Uthmaan, break your fast with us. He was martyred that same day, whilst in the state of fasting.

Umm Malik
Jabir reported that Umm Malik used to send clarified butter in a small skin to the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him). Her sons would come to her and ask for seasoning when they had nothing with them (in the form of condiments) and she would go to that (skin) in which she offered (clarified butter) to Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him), and she would find in that clarified butter and it kept providing her with seasoning for her household until she had (completely) squeezed it. She came to Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) and (informed him about it).
Thereupon, he (the Holy Prophet) said: Did you squeeze it? She said: Yes. Thereupon he said: If you had left it in that very state, it would have kept on provid- ing you (the clarified butter) on end.
(Sahih Muslim, Book 30, Number 5660)

The Army of Abu Ubaidah
Jaabir (ra) narrates: Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam dispatched us [i.e. our army] and appointed Abu Ubaidah (ra) our ameer. We were to capture a caravan of the Quraish. He provided us with a bag of dates. This was all we had with us. Abu Ubaidah (ra) used to give us a date each, We used to suck that one date, then sip some water. This would suffice for the whole day. We used to strike the leaves with our sticks, moisten and eat them. The sea sent forth for us a huge fish, from which we ate for 18 nights. The fish was so huge that Abu Ubaidah (ra) made 13 of us sit in its eye-socket. When a rib of this fish was held upright, the largest camel together with the tallest rider passed under it without him having to bow his head.

Zaid bin Khaarijah Speaking after Death
Sa’eed bin Musayyib (ra) narrates: When Zaid bin Khaarijah passed away during the khilaafat of Uthmaan (ra) he was shrouded with a clothe. The people then heard a reverberating sound from his chest. He then said:
"Ahmad . . .Ahmad in the first book. Abu Bakr has spoken the truth, spoken the truth; Umar has spoken the truth, spoken the truth. Uthmaan has spoken the truth, spoken the truth.”
Sad narrates: Thereafter a man from the Barn Khitmah clan passed away and was shrouded in a cloth. Here also a reverberating sound was heard from his chest and he then spoke:
"The brother of Banil-Haarith bin Khazraj (referring to Zaid in the previous
incident) has spoken the truth, spoken the truth.”

The Martyrs of Uhud
Jaabir (ra) narrates: When Mu’aawiyah (ra) constructed a canal, it passed through the graves of the martyrs of Uhud. We therefore removed their bodies, after 40 years, finding them soft and fresh, their limbs easily folding.
According to another narration, while digging the canal a pick hit the foot of Hadhrat Hamzah (ra), and it began to bleed.
Amr bin Jamooh and Abdullah bin Amr (ra) were both buried in one grave. Floodwaters threatened to flood out their grave. The people
exhumed them to transfer their bodies. They found that they had not changed. It appeared as if they had been buried yesterday. This occurred 46 years after Uhud.

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