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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Karamaat (miracles) In Afghanistan
Karamaat (miracles) In Afghanistan, from the book Signs of Arrahman in Afghanistan by Abdullah Azzam

Most of the Bodies of the Shuhadaa (Martyrs) do not Change or Rot
Umar Hanif, who was a commander in the Zarmah district narrated that:
1) I have never seen a single Shaheed whose body has changed or gave off a bad odour.
2) I have never seen dogs touching a single Shaheed even though they devoured the bodies of the communists.
3) I myself opened 12 graves of the Shuhadaa 3 or 4 years after their burial, and I did not find one whose odour had changed.
4) I have seen many a Shaheed more than a year after their burial. Their wounds were fresh, the blood still flowing.
Abdul Jabbaar Niyaazi narrated:
I saw 4 Shuhadaa, three to four months after their shahaadat. Three of
them were as they had been, and their beards and nails had grown. As far
as the fourth one is concerned, his face was partially disfigured.

A Shaheed Shakes Hands with his Father
Umar Hanif narrated:
A large battalion came from Russia; consisting of 70 tanks and some regiments, covered by 12 planes. The Mujaahideen were only 115 in number. A fierce battle ensued. Eventually the enemy was defeated. We had destroyed 13 tanks.
From amongst us only four were blessed with shahaadat. One of them was Ibn Jannat Jal, whose name means ‘the Rose of Jannah’. We buried him in the battlefield, but after three days, we moved him to his father’s home so that his father may bury him in their graveyard. His father (Jannat Jal) addressed him:
“Oh my son, if you truly are a Shaheed, show me a sign thereof”
All of a sudden the Shaheed raised his hand, made salaam to his father, and he continued to clasp his father’s hands for 15 minutes. He then drew his hand and placed it on his wound. His father said: My hand almost crushed when he was holding on.
Umar Hanif says: I saw this with my own eyes.

The body of a shaheed gives off scent
Moulana Arsalaan narrated:
A student named Abdul Baseer attained shahaadat while with us. It was very dark. Fathullah, another mujaahid, and I went in search of his body.
He said to me: “Is the Shaheed close. I perceive a fragrant scent”. I picked up the scent, and we reached the body by following the scent. In the darkness, I could see a noor (light) in the blood, which was gushing forth from his wound.

The Shaheed Umar Yauoob and his Ammunition
Umar Haneef narrated to me:
Umar Yaqoob, a Mujaahid, was intensely in love with Jihaad. When he attained shahaadat, we came to him and found him holding on to his bullets. We attempted to remove the bullets from his grip, but we coul not. We waited a while, then addressed him: “Oh Yaqoob, we are your brothers.” He then suddenly opened his hand.

A Cloak on Sayyed Shah
Umar Haneef narrated:
One of the Mujaahideen with us was a Haafiz. His name was Sayyad Shah. He would engage in abundant Ibaadat, and would exert himself He would see such dreams which would come true, and had displayed many miracles. We visited his grave two and a half years after his shahaadat. I was with another brother who was the leader of the movement called Numl Haq’. We opened the grave of Sayyad Shah, and found him as he had been, except that his beard had grown longer. I had buried him withmy own hands.
More surprising than this was that I found a black silk cloak on him, the semblance of which I had never seen before. I touched it, and found its fragrance more pleasant than musk and ambar(ambergris).

The Dua of the Mujaahideen
Moulana Arsalaan was one of the most famous Mujaahid in the whole of Afghanistan narrated:
In one particular battle We had only one rocket with us. We thus performed Salaah and made dua unto Allaah that he should cause this one rocket to strike the enemy. We were confronted with 200 tanks and a regiment. We fired the rocket, and it struck the vehicle that was carrying provisions and explosives. It blew up and destroyed 85 tanks and a personnel carrier. The enemy were destroyed, and we captured much booty.

Birds with the Mujaahideen
1. Moulana Arsalaan narrated:
At times, even before the arrival of the attacking Russian aircraft, we were apprized of the imminent attack. Birds would come and hover above our troops before the jets arrived. Wherever we would see them hovering, we would prepare for the attack of the jets.

2. Moulana Abdul Jaleel Haqqam narrated: On numerous occasions I had seen birds flying below the aircrafts, protecting the Mujaahideen from the shells of the bombers.

3. Abdul Jabbaar Niyaazi narrated to me: I saw birds flying below the planes on two occasions.

4. Moulana Arsalaan reported: I saw the birds many times protecting them [the Mujaahideen].

5. Qurbaan Muhammad narrated that: He once saw about 300 birds that were struck by jets, but not even one was injured.

6. Al-Haaj Muhammad Jal, who was a Mujaaahid at Kanr, reported: On more than ten occasions I saw the birds flying ahead of the jets, whose speed was one and a half times the speed of sound.

Angels fighting Alongside the mujaahideen
Fire from All Sides
Arsalaan narrated:
We were at a place called Shatiree. We were 25 Mujaahideen who confronted two thousand of the enemy (communists). The battle ensued, and after 4 hours the communists were defeated. Up to 80 of them were killed and we captured 26. We said to the prisoners: Why did you people flee? They said: The American artillery and ammunition bombarded us from all four directions.”
Arsalaan says: We had no artillery nor any ammunition. All we had was our individual rifles. And we were all at one location.
He also narrated to me:
The tanks attacked us and they were about 120 in number. They were assisted by a mortar and many aircrafts. Our provisions were exhausted.
We were convinced of being captured. We sought protection from Allaah by means of Du’a. All of a sudden, bullets and shells rained upon the communists from all directions. They were defeated. There was no one on the battlefield besides us. He said: They were the Malaa’ikah (Angels.)

The Horses
Arsalaan also narrated to me: We attacked the communists at a place called Arjoon and we killed 500 and captured 83. We said to them:
Why is it that you people were defeated, whereas you people killed only one Shaheed? The prisoner said: You people were riding on horses, and when we shot at them they ran away and we

could not hit them with bullets.
It is established from the Quraan that the Malaa’ikah descended on the occasion of Badr.

When your Rabb commanded the Malaa’ikah, I am with you all, so strengthen those who have brought Imaan. I will soon instill terror into the hearts of those who commit kufr Strike the enemy above their necks and on all their fingertips.

The tafseer of the following aayah: was given by Imaam Kurtubi rahmatullah ‘alayhi:

Most certainly, if you adopt Sabr and Taqwa, and they suddenly attack you, your Rabb will assist you with five thousand Malaaikah
(angels), marked.

Every army which adopts sabr, and hopes for reward, the Malaaikah will come upon them, fighting with them, since Allaah Ta’ala has appointed these Malaaikah as Mujaahideen till the day of Qiyaamah.
Hasan rahmatullah ‘alayhi said: These five thousand are a support for the Mumineen until the day of Qiyaamah.
Imaam Muslim rahmatullah ‘alayhi narrates from Ibn Abbaas (ra);
By ‘marked’ is meant that they had a distinctive sign. According to some Mufassireen the Malaaikah were ‘marked’ by their unique turbans. According to others it refers to a particular sign on the horses of theMalaaikah.
  On the day of Badr when a Muslim was chasing one of the mushrikeen, all of a sudden he heard the cracking of a whip above him, and the sound of a horseman saying: “Proceed, O Hayzoom!
He looked at the mushrik in front of him, laying flat. His nose was smashed, and his face split open, as if he was struck by a whip. It had become completely blackened. An Ansaari reported this to Rasulullah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam, who responded: “You have spoken the truth. That was from the helpers(Angels) of the third heaven.”
Muhammad Yaasir reported:
When the communists entered a town with their tanks, they enquired where the ‘stables for the horses of the Muslim brothers’ were. The people were surprised since they did not ride horses.
They then realized that these were the horses of the Malaaikah(Angels).

Provisions that do not Deplete
Jalaaluddin Haqqaani narrated to me: I issued a Mujaahid with some ammunition, and he went into the battlefield. He fired many shots, but the ammunition did not decrease, and he returned with all of it.

A Tank Rides Over Him, but He Remains Alive
1. Abdul Jabbaar narrated:
While I was looking on, a tank rolled over a Mujaahid named Milam Unhidden, and he remained alive.
2. Al Haaj Muhammad you, the deputy ameer of the Alular district,
narrated to me:
A tank passed over the body of the mujaahid Badr Muhammad Jal, and he did not die nor was he injured.
The sub narrator added: We did not know whether he came out from between the wheels or under the wheels.

Scorpions with the Mujaahideen
{And none knows the army of your Rabb besides Him.}
Abdus Samad and Mahbubullah both narrated to me:
The communists set up a camp in the plains of Qundoos (a city). The scorpions attacked them and bit them. Six of them died and the remainder fled.

Children on the Battlefield
Abdul Manaan narrated to me:
The Mujaahid Ameer Jaan was martyred. A while thereafter the Russian tanks rolled into his hometown. His son, who was only three years old, came out with a match to burn the tanks. The Russian commander asked:
What does he want? . They replied: “He wants to burn the tanks.

Shells do not Explode
1. Jalaaluddeen Haqqaani narrated:
We were 30 Mujaahideen upon whom the planes began bombing. All the shells that landed around us exploded, but a shell that fell amongst us did not explode. It was about 45 kg in weight. If it had exploded, it would have killed most of us.

2. Abdul Mannaan narrated:

We were 3000 mujaahideen at our camp when the jets released 300 napalm bombs over us. Not a single one exploded, and we transported all of them to Kuta (a town in Pakistan where the mujaahidin were stationed.)

Bullets do not Pierce Their Bodies
1. Jalaaluddeen narrated:
I had seen many Mujaahideen with me who would come from the battlefield, their clothes pierced by bullets, but not a bullet had entered their bodies.

2. Shaikh Ahmad Shareef narrated:
My son came from the battlefield with his clothes pierced, but he had no wounds.

3. Sakteer Nasrullah Mansoor reported:
On 1 April 1982 we received a Mujaahid who had 10 bullets in his head, and 15 in his forearm, and he survived.

4. Moulana Bir Muhammad reported:
We were 12 Mujaahideen protecting ‘Baktiya’, when we were attacked by a force consisting of about a hundred and eighty planes. They surrounded us in a field and began bombarding us. We came from the battlefield with our clothes in tatters, but we were not injured. One hundred and sixty communists were killed and 3 tanks destroyed. Only 2 Mujaahideen gained Shahaadat.

5. I had seen with my own eyes the bullet holes on the ammunition-belt worn by Jalaaluddeen Haqqaani on his chest. His chest had no wounds.

6. Jalaaluddeen Haqqaani reported to me: I tramped on a mine that exploded under my feet, but I was not hurt.

7. Moulana Arsalaan narrated to me:
Twice shells struck me on my feet but did not injure me.

Light Ascends from the Body of a Shaheed
1. The Mujaahid Abdul Mannaan, who was a leader at Helmaan, western Qindaar, reported:
We were 600 men and the kuffaar were 6000, all of them from Russia.
They were equipped with 600 tanks and 45 planes. They attacked us and the battle raged for 18 days.
The result: 33 Mujaahideen attained Shahaadat. The enemy losses: 450 dead and 36 captured. we destroyed 30 tanks and dropped two planes.
It was summer. This entire period (of 18 days) passed, and not a single body of any Shaheed changed or gave off an odour. One of the Shuhadaa was Abdul Ghafoor, son of Deen Muhammad.
Every night a light would extend from him until the sky, and would remain for about 3 minutes, then descend. All the Mujaahideen present saw this light.

2. Umar Haneef related to me:
In February 1982, every night after Esha a light used to descend from the sky onto the courtyard of our home (the Mujaahideen’s home). It would encircle the courtyard for a while, then disappear.

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